Preventive Health Services


Responsibilities of the preventive Health Unit:

Preventive Health Services are provided through the 48 medical Officers of Health units in the CP. The geographical demarcation in most areas is similar to the Divisional secretary areas.
Each medical officer of Health unit provides Reproductive health services through the Public Health Midwives, Supervising Public Health Midwives and Public Health Nursing Sisters. Environment Health services are provided through the Public Health Inspectors and Supervising Public Health Inspectors. Dental Health services are provided through the Dental surgeons and dental therapists.

Maternal and Child Health

These services include antenatal care both clinic and domiciliary, post natal care, maternal nutrition, immunization, growth monitoring and promotion, early childhood care and development, Infant and young child nutrition

School Health


Well-women services

available free of cost to all women 35 years and above where a full medical inspection is done, including blood pressure, BMI, screening for female malignancies including PAP smear.

Family Planning

Family planning services are provided free of cost and couples are counseled and provided the method of their choice. The modern family planning methods available are condoms, oral contraceptives, Depo injections, intra uterine devices, Norplant and permanent male and female sterilization

Environment Health

Occupational Health

Prevention and control of communicable diseases

Prevention and control of NCD

Active ageing

Mental Health well being

Health Promotion

Oral health care