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Planning and Development

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Responsibilities of the planning Unit:

  • Preparation, monitoring and evaluation of development plans (five year plan and annual plans)
  • Dissemination of information of the Provincial Health Services through Annual report and website (being designed)
  • Monitoring of Human resources availability and Human resource forecasting
  • Monitoring of Government and special projects such as WB,UNICEF,UNFPA
  • Data base on the availability of Health services and facilities infra, resources
  • Identify Provincial, National and Foreign training needs
  • Coordinate the Identification of  equipment needs,
  • Coordinate preparation special development projects such as Hospice unit, rehabilitation hospitals, estate health development
  • Coordinate with other planning units such as MoH and Chief Secretary
  • Operational research

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Sri Lanka.
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Telephone: +94 81 2222341, +94 81 2220206-7
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